Parent Involvement Program (PIP)

Under this program, families are required to complete 20 hours of volunteer work on school-related activities for grades K-8 and 10 hours for pre-school. Participation in PIP is essential for the continuation of school programs and fund-raising activities. This program allows all families an opportunity to participate in school activities and provides a forum for meeting other families.

The service substitution fee is $10 per hour for every hour not completed the last day of school.

Reporting PIP Hours

Please report PIP hours monthly and continue to report your PIP hours even after you’ve met your minimum.

To report service hours, login to RenWeb. Once in, click on Family Information and look for the tab titled, "Service Hours" Here click on "Add Service Hours." 

You may also submit a paper copy of the form to the front office.  If you have access to a phone or computer, we ask that you please submit the form electronically.

PIP Opportunities

Each family is responsible for initiating the opportunity for finding hours. The teachers, (our future) Home and School Association (HSA) and our development office (Amanda Karabatsos) provide numerous opportunities for volunteering in the school. Opportunities are communicated via email, via the Volunteer Spot site (see info below) and directly from teachers.

As we develop an HSA they will also post a variety of PIP opportunities on the Volunteer Spot volunteer site (coming soon)

Lunchroom and Recess Volunteer Schedule

As part of the Parent Involvement Points (PIP) requirement, each family is responsible for helping to supervise our playground and lunchroom throughout the year. If you have a child in one of the following grades, this guideline will assist you in fulfilling your required four hours of lunchroom and playground supervision.

Lunch starts at 11:30 for all grades.

Recess times are as follows:

  • 1st through 5th 11:15 to 11:40 lunch 11:40-12:00
  • 6th-8th 11:30-11:45 lunch 11:45 to 12:15 recess


  • August  8th – 1st
  • September 7th – 2nd
  • October 6th - 3rd
  • November 8th - 4th
  • December 7th - 5th
  • January 6th – 1st
  • February 8th – 2nd
  • March 7th -3rd
  • April 6th – 4th
  • May 8th - 5th

Please contact the homeroom teacher, home-room parent representative, or our development office for scheduling details.

Thank you for your continued support of our school and for ensuring our Saint Marguerite children are safe!