School History

Saint Marguerite Catholic School is the only private, faith-based school serving Tooele County. We are an extension of the Saint Marguerite Catholic Parish, which was founded in 1910 to serve a growing immigrant population. The first church was funded, and named by the famous typist and QWERTY expert, Frank McGurrin whose niece Marguerite had recently passed. To support the parish’s growing population, in 1974, Saint Marguerite Catholic Church moved to its current location.

In 1978, with encouragement from Monsignor John Sullivan, Janet Barbiero began the Saint Marguerite Preschool in the basement of her home. During this time, renovations to a former convent were being made to house the school Monsignor Sullivan had long envisioned. With a growing need for early childhood education, the school quickly exceeded the limits of a basement. In 1981 after the renovations were complete, the school moved to the convent. Thirteen years later, in 1994, the school, now expanding to provide an education for Kindergarten students, outgrew the convent and ended up moving into new classrooms established in the basement of the Saint Marguerite Catholic Church.

Because we were blessed to see further growth, Monsignor Matthew Wixted and Bishop John Wester, now an Archbishop, endorsed the building of a school. In 2008, permission to create a Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade school became a reality.

In August 2012, as the result of a parish-wide capital campaign and a generous donation from Mr. and Mrs. Sam Skaggs, the new building of Saint Marguerite Catholic School and John J. Sullivan Education Center opened its doors.

Since its inception, Saint Marguerite Catholic Parish and School are the result of the hard work and dedication of many pastor’s, principals, and community members. Currently, Trisha Kirkbride, a former Saint Marguerite Catholic School teacher, works side-by-side a dedicated and loving staff to build upon the foundation that has been established. For years, our Saint Marguerite community has contributed significantly to its success and will strive to maintain an inviting Christian environment where everyone is included.