Tuition & Financial Assistance

Saint Marguerite Catholic School Welcomes All Families

At Saint Marguerite Catholic School, we believe a Catholic education is something every child should have the opportunity to receive. We understand it is a decision that requires a significant investment. It is our commitment to work with families on a confidential and individual basis to ensure that qualified students are given every opportunity to attend our school.

Tuition for 2018-2019

The Tuition scale for the 2018-2019 school year is detailed in the Tuition Letter to Families with FAQs explaining the changes in the tuition structure for the 2018-2019 school year. Tuition and fees for Utah Catholic Schools are determined by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City in consultation with diocesan administrators, pastors, principals, and boards, typically in late January each year, and are published at that time.

2018-2019 Tuition Schedule

Tier 1 Tuition: 

  • Actual cost to educate a student
  • $7,750 + Registration Fee & Activity Fee

Tier 2 Tuition: 

  • Formerly known as Regular Tuition 
  • $6,479 + Registration Fee & Activity Fee

Tier 3 Tuition: 

  • Formerly known as Catholic Tuition
  • $5,389 + Registration Fee & Activity Fee
  • Upon completion & approval of Application for Tier 3 Tuition

Tier 4 Tuition:

  • $ Need Based + Registration Fee & Activity Fee
  • Upon completion & qualification of online FACTS Grant and Aid Application
  • Note: Remember your username and password because it is the same credentials needed to create a FACTS payment plan.

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Half-Day Rate: $2,490 (ages 3 and 4)

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten All Day Rate: $3,990 (ages 3 and 4)

Fee Schedule for 2018-2019

Please view the Fee Schedule for detailed information on all school fees. All tuition and fees must be paid before the end-of-the year. 

Payment Options for 2018-2019

All tuition is payable only through FACTS Management Company by automatic withdrawal. All Students and Families must be enrolled on FACTS Payment Plan, regardless of which payment option they will utilize. 

Families can set up the FACTS payment plan

Families currently enrolled on FACTS with Saint Marguerite Catholic School will be renewed automatically for the 2018-2019 school year. 

The following payment options are available through FACTS:

 Options FACTS Annual 
 Payment in Full 0
 Semi-Annual, 2 Payments $10 one-time each year
 More than four (4) Payments

12-months July – June
11-months begin in June
10-months August – May

$45 one-time each year 

Important Dates

  • February 28: All students and families must be enrolled on FACTS no later than February 28, regardless of which payment option they will utilize.
  • April 15: Students and families applying for any amount of tuition below Tier 2 or Tier 3 must complete a FACTS Grant and Aid Application before April 15.

Financial Tuition Assistance

Financial tuition assistance is available to those families who show a demonstrated need of financial support. This assistance is provided to as many students and families as possible, regardless of their economic, ethnic, or racial backgrounds. 

Those applying for any amount of tuition below the Tier 2 or Tier 3 Tuition rates amount must complete a FACTS Grant and Aid Application each year before April 15. In addition to the completed application, FACTS will require you to submit an enrollment fee and required forms (W2, taxes, etc.). Tuition assistance funds are limited so it is imperative that the application and required documentation is submitted before the deadline. Those applying will be advised by Saint Marguerite’s Finance Office by May 15 of the tuition amount.

For more information contact the Main Office (435) 882-0081.

Quick Links

FACTS Registration

Families will need to register with FACTS. All tuition payments will be made with FACTS online.

All families in need of Tuition Assistance/Financial Aid will need to apply online with FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, so apply now!

FACTS Portal