Bethany Child

2nd & 3rd Grade Homeroom 

Mrs. Child and her husband Ben have three children who have always attended Catholic School. Her son Benji and twin daughters, Ceci and Lizi, graduated from Saint Marguerite Catholic School. Benji will start his freshman year at Judge Memorial Catholic High School and the girls will enter into their junior year. Mrs. Child began teaching her son Benji when he started preschool. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Utah State University, but chose to stay home to care for her children when her girls were born. She later decided to return to teaching, obtaining her teaching license through the Utah State Office of Education Alternatve Routes to Licensure (ARL) program. This year, she will enter into her 12th year teaching second grade at Saint Marguerite. She is a seasoned veteran , expereienced teaching a full curriculum with exceptional classroom management skills.  Her favorite subjects include Math and Religion. She especially enjoys preparing students to receive the acraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist,