Kelleyne Lenhart

Preschool - Pre-Kindergarten Team 

Kindergarten Aide

Miss Kelleyne has lived in Utah her whole life. She grew up in Salt Lake where she met her husband. They moved to Tooele 13 years ago when their oldest child was just two years old. They did not know anybody in Tooele, but loved the idea of raising their children in a small town. It was not long before realizing what a great community it is and even better learning of a private, Catholic school. They enrolled their kids at Saint Marguerite Catholic School when their oldest was in sixth grade because they thought it would be a great option for middle school. Their second child was entering 2nd grade so they were excited to have them both at the same school. Kelleyne states, "I love the fact that it is small and everyone feels like family." Kelleyne loves  the volunteer opportunities, affording her the ability to spend quite a bit of time at the school her first year there. She never really pictured being able to work at the school her kids attend but found it to be an amazing opportunity. She became a teacher's aid one year after her children started school. She absolutely loves seeing them in the halls and being able to give them a quick hug or ask them about their day. She has had the opportunity to assist Preschool/Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. Additionally, she has subbed for various grade levels. Kellyene said she loves getting to know all of the Saint Marguerite families and that she cannot imagine being anywhere else.